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Communication Technology
Member of Telelink group

Omladinskih brigada 65V
11070 Novi Beograd
tel: 011-217 7878
fax: 011-217 5778, 2164 641

  1. T-COM / Crnogorski Telekom (www.telekomcg.com) - design, delivery, installation and integration of Scientific Atlanta MPEG4 IPTV HeadEnd system
  2. SBB Serbia Broadband (www.sbb.co.rs) - the largest Serbian cable operator. Complete implementation of communication infrastructure (private and public) using Cisco products - design, implementation and technical support performed entirely by ComuTel.
  3. Telekom Srbija (Serbian Telecom) (www.telekom.rs) - participation in the design and implementation processes of the "SMIN" project (Serbian Multiservice Internet Network)
  4. Telekom Crne Gore (Montenegro Telecom) (www.telekomcg.com) - participation in the design of "MIPnet" project
  5. Telekom Srbija (www.telekom.rs) - Building of the internet backbone between cities Novi Sad, Belgrade and Nis. Interconnection with MCI Co.
  6. Radijus Vektor - Leading domestic cable operater. Implementation and maintenance of the internet providing infrastructure over hybrid fiber coaxial network.
  7. Narodna Banka Srbije (The Central Bank of Serbia) - Design, implementation and training for network security solution in the new premises of the Central Bank at Belgrade's Slavija square. solution was based on ISS's Proventia M50 device
  8. Societe Generale Yugoslav Bank - Design, implementation and maintenance of the network in the new building of the bank headquarters. Network traffic migration and establishing business processes in the new premises. Solution was based on pair of high performance L3 switches Cisco Catalyst 6500 series and redundant paths towards the users.
  9. Faculty of Electrical Engineering (www.etf.bg.ac.rs) - Development of high performance computer network in co-operation with Serbian Telecom using brand new networking technologies. In the core of the network are high performance Layer 3/4 switches connected over Gigabit Ethernet links to the ring, providing high resistance to failures of parts of the system.
  10. Hemofarm (www.hemofarm.co.rs) - re-engineering and upgrading of the network at the HQ of the concern in Vrsac. Multiple remote locations are connected with optical fiber into the star topology network, with high capacity routing switch in the core. At the same time, first phase of the global Information System of the concern is implemented, by connecting representative offices in Belgrade, Podgorica, Novi Sad, Frankfurt etc. The VLAN based intranet system solution was awarded on "Infofest" conference in 1997 as best solution among qualified ones.
  11. IBL Duga - First ATM computer network in Yugoslavia. This was an LAN/WAN network with 3 ATM switches in the core with Ethernet switching.
  12. Progres - Company's intranet at the premises of "Progres Palace" in Belgrade, based on Ethernet Switching with 250 workstations.
  13. RTB Bor (mining and ore melting works) - Design of the first phase of the enterprise information system in the Institute for copper in Bor.
  14. NIS Energogas (Oil and gas industry of Serbia) - Development and implementation of the enterprise network based on optical fiber backbone connecting multiple remote sites in a single network (over 100 workstations). In each building network traffic was concentrated using Hubs with integrated optical modules which were ultimate devices in the time of project execution.
  15. B 92, Beograd - development and implementation of the Internet Service Providing center.
  16. Diners CLUB YU, Beograd - Building of the corporate network.
  17. Secretariat for development of the Republic of Montenegro - Development and implementation of a segmented LAN with 150 workstations.

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