1991 – 2001

ComuTel was founded in 1991. In the first years of its work, ComuTel’s team was focused on the research and development of computer networks, which strengthened the company’s expertise in this field.


This year is one of the milestones in the history of ComuTel. It was marked by the beginning of partnership with SBB. ComuTel was engaged by SBB for network design, implementation and technical support. In addition to technical support and maintenance, ComuTel started to deliver Cisco equipment to SBB.

2004 – 2009

Thanks to outstanding results in sales and support for Cisco equipment, ComuTel obtained the status of Cisco Premium Partner and Cisco Service Provider Video full certification. In these years, Cisco completed the acquisition of the company Scientific Atlanta, which at the time was the leading manufacturer of customer premises equipment (CPE) for users’ broadband networks – cable modems and digital television receivers. ComuTel recognized the importance of the moment on the market and in 2007, it signed a distribution agreement with Scientific Atlanta.


ComuTel became part of Telelink group based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Thus, ComuTel got an even stronger engineering expertise, as it also received the support of 600 qualified professionals, gathered by Telelink (

ComuTel began cooperating with numerous partners such as Microsoft, DekTec, Harmonic, Rohde & Schwarz, Appear TV, Citrix and many others.

2011 – 2014

Partnership with Cisco became stronger and ComuTel became Cisco Gold Partner.

Bosnia and Herzegovina: In 2010, when Telemach entered the market, first in Sarajevo, by joining three existing cable operators, ComuTel’s team of experts was engaged in design, implementation and technical support, as well as the delivery of Cisco equipment for the video Head End .

Slovenia: After joining of companies Tuš mobile and Triera Telemach, ComuTel’s team was involved in planning and design of MPLS network. After this, ComuTel continued to maintain the core transport and service network and was working intensively on the design of a new video Head End.

In 2014, the cooperation with SBB expanded to the rest of the United Group, comprised of companies Telemach Slovenia, Telemach Bosnia and Herzegovina, Telemach Montenegro, Total TV, NetTV plus, United Media.

Within one of the largest national projects, the digitization of broadcasting of TV signals on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, ComuTel participated in the design and implementation of equipment for Head End. In addition to delivery, ComuTel was also in charge of technical support and maintenance of equipment for Head End, transmitters and antenna systems.


ComuTel signed a partnership agreement with the French company Technicolor, which in 2015  acquired a part of Cisco dealing with the production and development of customer premises equipment (CPE).


ComuTel became Cisco ATP partner for NSO (Network Services Orchestrator) and worked on implementation of NSO PoC (Proof of Concept) for SBB in cooperation with Cisco team.